How to Properly Install Polymeric Sand Before applying your polymeric sand, ensure the paver sides and top surface are completely dry. Do not apply if the paver is damp or wet in any way. The damp or wet surface will [...]

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What is Polymeric Sand?

When installing new concrete paving stones or patio stones, we highly recommend using polymeric sand in the joints. Alliance Supersand is a unique mixture of polymer binders and calibrated sand, which protects the joints of [...]

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Installation Guide for Gator Base

STEP 1 • Excavation of the Patio Area   Total excavation depth will be determined by adding the following elements depths: Geo-fabric, compacted bedding sand’s final height (1/2 in), Gator Base (3/4 in), and patio [...]

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Gator Base – No More Excavating!

If you’re looking to build a patio, check out the new revolutionary base technology known as Gator Base. This product is designed to save you the time, money, effort and material put into excavating and [...]

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Picking the Right Type of Grass Seed for Your Lawn

There isn’t one “best” grass seed variety. The key to a lush green lawn is ensuring you buy the right seed mixture to suit your location climate, lifestyle needs, and soil conditions. Do a little [...]

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